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Episode 2


Date of Broadcast:  April 3, 2019 at 7:30 PM

With Mendy PellinHassidic Hipster Girl & Rogers Park Band

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Stephen Siegel tells Mendy Pellin one simple trick to make money!


FlowMotion is proud to present the second episode: “Hire me.”

Strap in with experts in marketing and interpersonal communication, financial advisers,

successful business owners, and social media stars for fun and friendly advice on taking the leap

from daydream to day job.





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Top advice from Suri

Rogers Park Band debuts new song, on Shmuze.LIVE!

Mendy Pellin learns how to give an elevator pitch from Danny Gavin

Yuri Kruman tells Mendy Pellin how to decide on a career.

Yehuda Berg gives Mendy Pellin serious business advice

Financial Freedom with Chaya Margolin

Mendy Pellin Buys A Suit

Mendy Pellin learns what it takes to be successful from Stephen Siegel

Rabbi Yehoshua Werde talks Parnassah with Mendy Pellin

"My Old Man" by Rogers Park Band

Meny Hoffman and Mendy Pellin talk business secrets

Aliza Blizinsky on the challenges of being a frum female business entrepreneur

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